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Hello vr/online blackjack players!

Welcome to VR Blackjack Online.

This is my first post on the brand-new vrblackjack.net website. We’re proud to be the internet’s first VR blackjack website since 2017 and even more proud to be bringing you an all-new blackjack website and mobile app for you to enjoy playing blackjack online in 2020 and in the future.

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While what promised to be something amazing with virtual reality technology has been slow to take off with casinos online to date. At the same time, the technology has been evolving where VR and AR (augmented reality) are merging into ARVR. I think this will be the final “virtual” technology that makes it mainstream and which newer technologies and network economies will evolve from.

So far, “virtual reality” blackjack online has been limited to basic but sufficient Blackjack VR apps like this one from Playspace on the Apple app store.

They key to a happy time playing blackjack is to set realistic expectations.

Most of the common beliefs about blackjack are incorrect so you need to understand becoming a pro blackjack player, because you can count cards, is a near-impossible task in today’s world. This is with real-world land based casinos. And online blackjack casinos are always shuffling cards so there’s no card counting on the net.

Now please don’t get me misunderstood. Blackjack is by far the best game to play at any casino. It’s that the casinos are smart and they don’t won’t to lose money to intelligent card counting individuals like yourself.

LAS VEGAS, USA – MAY, 2020: 360 degree virtual reality live dealer blackjack online for real or free play mode on the vrblackjack.net VR blackjack app.

So… They have tricks to stop you!

Read the article. I explain it in detail there but only small parts of it in the scope. There’s even a YouTube video that talks about a couple of tricks employed by casinos that don’t help the players any.

They make it more difficult to be a pro blackjack player, mathematically speaking, than it otherwise would be without their extra influential factor(s). This article by John Mavin on Forbes.com gives a tiny bit of insight into the life of a real professional blackjack player in Las Vegas.

My advice: Don’t even attempt to become a professional blackjack player. Enjoy the game as a hobby and set a small and affordable budget to play with. Keep with following your gambling budget rules and never break them.

The focus for the brand new vrblackjack.net site and online blackjack app will be to teach people the realities of playing blackjack in cyberspace. This site/app also has advertising of trustworthy virtual casinos so if you’re looking for a well-trusted internet casino for playing blackjack online then you’ll find those here too.

Add us to your online blackjack favorite sites or download the blackjack app if you’re on mobile.

Thanks and enjoy!

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