Does NO BUST blackjack strategy work?

Blackjack QuestionsCategory: Blackjack OnlineDoes NO BUST blackjack strategy work?
m7shxdhejdi7n Staff asked 4 years ago

No Bust Blackjack Strategy

No Bust Blackjack Strategy
And some of these black jack players really think its for good reasons too such as:

  • “You have to let the dealer bust” This is one of the most common reasons, yet inaccurate because most of the time, the dealer does NOT bust.
  • “I follow basic strategy but I never hit my 16’s.” Another common miss conception about blackjack. That 16 is a dead man’s hand. It’s not, just take your card.

What do you think, does the No Bust strategy really work in blackjack?

gamblingorg Staff replied 4 years ago

NOPE – its doesn’t work! It might for a little while an periodic bursts but in the long run it will be a loosing proposition bet.