Blackjack Card Values

Blackjack Card Values

Hello and welcome to – your source for online blackjack information. Learn how to play blackjack including understanding blackjack card values for each card you’ll face playing the game.

Learn Blackjack Card Values

Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play. That’s because each card’s value are easy to follow and understand/learn as a beginner 21 player. The game also gives you (the player) a near 50-50 chance at winning. That’s far greater than any other casino game.

If you’re interested in playing VR blackjack online we’ll explain the blackjack rules and help you study the rules inside and out until how to play black jack 21 with a solid foundation. You’ll will always find trustworthy & licensed casinos advertising on

I’ve included the need-to-know black jack card values in the list here:

  • If the playing card is a 2-10 its worth the face value of said card.
  • So, a 2 is worth 2, a 5 is worth 5, a 7 is worth 7, a 10 is worth 10, etc.
  • Jacks, Queens and Kings also have a face value of 10.
  • Ace stands alone as a special blackjack card, that acts as either an 11 or a 1 depending on how to player values the ace card.

How to Play Blackjack Card Value Video Pro Tip:

Pay close attention to the cards as they are dealt out of the shoe, looking at the order of the the cards and spot any patterns in which they might be distributed to take into your considerations beyond a simple hi-lo count.

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