Online Blackjack Strategy

If you are new to online blackjack then you should know the basics of online blackjack strategy before you play. The same principle of basic blackjack strategy applies when betting with an online casino. The biggest difference between playing blackjack in a regular casino and playing on the Internet is how the cards are shuffled and dealt out to the player.

In land based casinos, there are several different methods in which the casino dealer shuffles and deals the cards out. Some blackjack games offer double deck blackjack where the cards are hand shuffled. These are favorites among serious blackjack players and professionals as they typically offer the best odds when played with proper blackjack strategy and card counting techniques. More common than hand shuffled double deck is 6 deck and 8 deck shoe games. Casinos like to have more of these tables available since its more difficult for advanced players to count cards on 6 and 8 decks. Then of course there’s the casino favorite (and player dreaded) continuous deck shuffling machines. Casinos love these because they not only speed up play but they also make it impossible for card counting.

Online casinos are very different however. With online blackjack games the casino software shuffles the cards before every hand dealt. While this removes the ability to count cards, the deck(s) are always shuffled with a complete set of cards. So following basic blackjack strategy is the best option for playing blackjack online. While online casinos shuffle the cards before each hand of blackjack dealt, the fact that all cards are in the deck(s) make the odds of online blackjack far better than those of continuous shuffling machines found in most land based casinos these days. After you have learned the blackjack basic strategy from the site listed above you should take some time practicing it before you play online with real money. To practice playing online blackjack with basic strategy has a free 6 deck blackjack game you can play with no risk of loosing real money. They provide you with 1,000 free chips to start the game. If you run out of chips just refresh the page and you can start over with 1,000 free chips as often as you’d like. This is a great way to practice online blackjack strategy and get familiar with the flow of cards and hands dealt.

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