Bitcoin is Buzzing on Wall Street

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If you turn on any financial channel you’re likely to hear about bitcoin. The opinions are varied with some financial experts calling bitcoin a bubble and a foolish investment and at the same time others are calling for higher prices given its recent all time high reached this week. No matter what your outlook is, the only thing that seems to be certain is intense volatility as the bulls and bears fight it out in an epic battle of fortunes. In fact, the price of bitcoin is so volatile that personally I will often go long and short in the same day, sometimes even two or three times which is something that’s near impossible to do in the stock market. I currently have short positions and am anticipating for bitcoin to retest the $5,000 level with a lot of volatility in the meantime as traders buy and sell.

With conflicting statements coming from Wall Street its an interesting market to decipher. Recently on the topic of Bitcoin Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, said that if people are “stupid enough to buy it” that they will pay the price one day. Weeks before that Mr. Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud”. These statements have caused quite a bit of controversy and there is no shortage of opinion articles about them.

Meanwhile, other experts such as Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, says he has not yet made up his mind about bitcoin and the company is considering their options regarding bitcoin. It will be interesting to see if anything develops further with this story.

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Bitcoin is currently bouncing around the $5,550 level. Stay tuned closely if you’re a cryptocurrency trader or holder as the price swings will cause for some exciting action in the coming weeks.

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