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Blackjack players that are newbies with online blackjack should be aware there are some distinct differences between playing blackjack on the Internet and playing 21 (the same game) in an actual casino. Understanding the differences between online and offline blackjack will allow you to have a more entertaining time the next time you play blackjack with online casinos. The most important difference you need to be aware of is this. At online casino websites the software which powers the casino games is programmed to shuffle the cards before they deal a new hand of cards. So as a result, when you’re playing online blackjack it is no longer an option to count cards. When you’re playing blackjack on the Internet for real money your best bet is to stick with playing basic blackjack strategy rules.

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If you are an experienced blackjack player than you are probably ready to move past basic blackjack strategy and start learning more advanced card counting strategies and betting techniques. Remember, you must only practice counting cards in land based casinos. It does not work with online blackjack games. When you play on the web you should follow blackjack strategy closely. You can practice your knowledge of basic strategy by playing our free online blackjack game. USA Today has another great free blackjack game for practicing blackjack strategy and just playing for a fun time.

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Lucky Creek online casino is our featured casino for playing real money blackjack games. When you sign up with Lucky Creek you’ll receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit. They double your initial deposit up to $400 maximum. Play blackjack on your mobile phone and win money playing blackjack from wherever you’d like to play. Mobile casino gaming is bringing online gambling on blackjack to a new level at Lucky Creek. is the Internet first virtual blackjack VR resource and we’re rather proud of this fact. Our goal is to become the web’s ultimate resource for online blackjack information by providing you with the essential how to play articles, rules for different blackjack variations and blackjack strategy articles. We also provide you with our online casino reviews of the web’s top casinos.

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